Golf PARa Todos

Get outside, enjoy nature, make new friends and have fun!
Get inspired to take up a new sport and make golf a part of your life.
Learn all that golf can teach you – more than just birdies and bogeys.
Join together with other young people and enjoy golf with friends.
Golf FORe All
Remember, Golf PARa Todos means golf is for everyone!
Golf PARa Todos is a program presented by:
World Wide Technology Championship at Mayakoba
RLH Properties

Mission Statement

Golf PARa Todos (Golf FORe All) strives to create a fun-filled, diverse and educational program for children that promotes the game of golf and its ideals. Golf PARa Todos is a program of the Mayakoba resort and the World Wide Technology Championship at Mayakoba.

Key Objectives

...the sport of golf to young people
Integrate into young people’s lives as a part of their regular recreational activities
Invest the support of talented competitive junior golfers



Founded in 2007 by the World Wide Technology Championship at Mayakoba, Golf PARa Todos was originally created to share the sport of golf with the Riviera Maya and Cancun communities at large.

The program’s initial concept featured introductory golf clinics at El Camaleón’s practice facility once a month which were open and free of charge to community members of all ages and backgrounds.

The clinics were designed to provide a broad introduction to the sport and featured volunteer instructors offering complimentary instruction with borrowed golf equipment.

Quite simply, Golf PARa Todos sought to give people their first-ever golf experience.

10 Years Later

In the program’s first 10 years, more than 20,000 people participated—many of whom set foot on a golf course for the very first time in their lives at a GPT event.


Today, Golf PARa Todos focuses on children and sharing the sport with the younger generation. Through regular golf clinics and a more formal instructional program, the program’s introductory reach stretches widely but also provides powerful impact to children interested in making a commitment to taking up golf and eventually competing.

Nine Core Values of Golf

Golf FORe All got its inspiration from the international program The First Tee and is based on its nine core values to create a positive impact in the young participants of the program. These nine core values are the base for golf education with the ultimate goal that the children use the sport to channel in a positive way different situations in their daily life.

1. Honesty
The quality or state of being truthful; not deceptive. Golf is unique from other sports in that players regularly call penalties on themselves and report their own score.
2. Integrity
Strict adherence to a standard of value or conduct; personal honesty and independence. Golf is a game of etiquette and composure. Players are responsible for their actions and personal conduct on the golf course even at times when others may not be looking.
3. Sportsmanship
Observing the rules of play and winning or losing with grace players must know and abide by the rules of golf and be able to conduct themselves in a kind and respectful manner towards others even in a competitive game.
4. Respect
To feel or show deferential regard for; esteem in golf it is important to show respect for oneself, playing partners, fellow competitors, the golf course, and for the honor and traditions of the game.
5. Confidence
Reliance or trust. A feeling of self-assurance. Confidence plays a key role in the level of play that one achieves. Players can increase confidence in their abilities by being positive and focusing on something they are doing well regardless of the outcome.
6. Responsibility
Accounting for one’s actions; dependable players are responsible for their actions on the golf course. It is up to them to keep score, repair divots, rake bunkers, repair ball marks on the green, and keep up with the pace of play.
7. Perseverance
To persist in an idea, purpose or task despite obstacles. To succeed in golf, players must continue through bad breaks and their own mistakes, while learning from past experiences.
8. Courtesy
Considerate behavior toward others; a polite remark or gesture. A round of golf should begin and end with a handshake between fellow competitors. Players also should be still and quiet while others are preparing and performing a shot.
9. Judgment
The ability to make a decision or form an opinion; a decision reached after consideration. Using good judgment is very important in golf. It comes into play when deciding on strategy, club selection, when to play safe and when to take a chance, the type of shot players consider executing, as well as making healthy choices on and off the golf course.

In 2019, Golf PARa Todos entered a new era as the program pivoted to focus solely on young people of ages 10 to 18. The educational program branched into three distinct efforts each focused on sharing the game of golf with children of the Riviera Maya and Cancun region in a different way.

Following years of successfully providing opportunities for people to simply experience golf for the very first time, the program now attempts to reach those young people who have never been exposed to the sport as well as those who already actively play and practice golf.

Group photo of staff at Golf PARa Todos in 2007
Women gettin golf lesson at Golf PARa Todos in 2007
Child getting golf lesson at Golf PARa Todos in 2007
Group lesson at Golf PARa Todos in 2007
Group photo of staff at Golf PARa Todos in 2014
Group photo at Golf PARa Todos in 2014
Child getting golf lesson at Golf PARa Todos in 2014
Two girls choosing golf clubs at Golf PARa Todos in 2014
Group photo with Matt Kuchar
Golf PARa Todos student hitting balls in bay
Golf PARa Todos students at driving range
Matt Kuchar golf clinic with students

Introduce the Sport of Golf to Young People

Stage 1 of Golf PARa Todos focuses on simply introducing young people ages 10-18 to the sport of golf through fun and dynamic one-day clinics and classes designed to be a youngster’s first-ever experience on a golf course.

Our objective is to merely share the sport of golf so young people can break through and develop an initial understanding and familiarity with it—and discover that golf is fun and truly is FOR EVERYONE.

Stage 1 events are scheduled periodically and are open to all children who are interested in participating and learning the basics of golf.

Among the activities which take place

  • Education
  • Introductory clinics
  • The basics of playing golf and understanding golf
  • Fun contests
  • Mini-golf
  • FootGolf
  • Meet people and make new friends
  • Opportunities to continue on to stage 2 of GPT
Child learning how to hold a golf club
Game of mini-golf on putting green
Children playing fun golf contest
Child at a golf clinic

Integrate golf into young people’s lives as a part of their regular recreational activities

Stage 2 of Golf PARa Todos strives to turn interested young people into keen golfers and help them make golf a part of their lives. Through education on the ideals of golf and instruction on the fundamentals of playing the game, GPT participants are immersed in golf over a months-long period and truly afforded the opportunity to become a “golfer.”

Program participants gather at Mayakoba twice a week every week during the season where they receive professional and passionate instruction from our certified instructors from Mayakoba’s Jim McLean Golf Academy as well as education on the values inherent in the game of golf like honesty, responsibility, integrity and more.

The objective of GPT’s second stage is to foster active participation playing golf but also to instill these important values and help young people grow into mature young adults.

Benefits Include

  • Participation in GPT is free of charge to participants
  • Complimentary access to Mayakoba’s practice facilities
  • Professional instruction to help participants advance from beginners to proficient players
  • Uniforms and special gifts, including equipment
  • Access to special events and unique experiences
  • Fun competitions
  • Support in seeking and identifying competitive opportunities
Children with PGA TOUR professionals at a golf clinic
Girl receiving professsional instruction
Complimentary access to Mayakoba’s practice facilities
Special gifts, including golf equipment

Invest in the support of talented competitive junior golfers

Stage 3 of Golf PARa Todos aims to support talented participants as they look to move on and play tournament golf. As participants demonstrate success in stage 2 and a desire to advance as competitive players, Golf PARa Todos will provide scholarship and sponsorship support to assist in covering expenses such as tournament entry fees, travel or other costs associated with competing.

But beyond simply providing financial support, GPT helps participants to identify their proper path forward and find appropriate tournaments for their age and skill level. Additionally, the program facilitates premium instruction and coaching for these talented players to help them as they strive to reach their goals.

Our ultimate objective is to support competitive junior golfers as they strive to earn college golf scholarships, represent Mexico in international competition and eventually compete as professionals.

Benefits Include

  • Enhanced Instruction
  • Tournament Golf
  • Premium Equipment
  • Commitment
Golf student getting lesson from Matt Kuchar
Group photo of students at golf tournament
Young golfer hitting balls in instruction bay
Group of golf students taking selfie

Connectivity to a world-class PGA TOUR event

As the founder of Golf PARa Todos, the World Wide Technology Championship at Mayakoba plays a key role in making the program special and creating unique opportunities for all program participants.

Thanks to the annual presence of the world’s best golfers in Riviera Maya for our PGA TOUR event, GPT young people are afforded the chance to meet and learn from famous professionals as well as play an integral role in the successful implementation of the event and gain experience with an event of the world’s premier golf tour.

Benefits Include

  • Champion’s Clinic with Matt Kuchar
  • Inside-the-ropes volunteer opportunities as standard bearers
  • Meet-and-Greets with PGA TOUR pros, including Mexico’s own Carlos Ortiz and Abraham Ancer
  • Pro-Am Caddie Experience
  • “Playing Lessons with the Pros” during practice rounds
  • Autographs and selfie sessions
  • Up-close-and-personal access to watch the pros practice and prepare
  • Photo with the new champion
Champion’s Clinic with Matt Kuchar
Champion’s Clinic with Matt Kuchar
Youth Standard Bearer at World Wide Technology Championship at Mayakoba
Golf PARa Todos students at World Wide Technology Championship at Mayakoba press conference
Carlos Ortiz with Golf PARa Todos student
Matt Kuchar signing autographs for Golf PARa Todos students
Brendon Todd signing autographs for Golf PARa Todos students
Brendon Todd with Golf PARa Todos students
Parent’s Role

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